Diamond or Gold - make your choice...

There are essentially two different types of dog tags, standard aluminum dog tags, which are stamped, or engraved, and fancy, luxury dog tags, which are meant to be customized for individual people and their dogs. Just like there are two types of identification dog tags, there are also two different types of pet owners. There are pet owners who treat their pets and bet ownership like a hobby, or maybe even a chore. Then, there are pet owners who treat their pets like children, like companions and members of the family. These pet owners, the ones who liken a companion animal to a family member, are the ones who will typically make the extra effort to buy the best available accessories for their loved ones.

Like to spend 7500$?

The most luxurious form of luxury dog tags that you can purchase is a diamond dog tag, which is essentially the absolute best of the best when it comes to identification tags. These luxury dog tags can cost as much as $7500 dollars, and even more sometimes. Can you afford this type of luxury item? If you can, the diamond luxury dog tag could be the perfect addition to your pooch's favorite collar. You can add any number of luxury dog tag charms, from a diamond-studded bone or fire hydrant to a heart, or a limitless number of other luxury dog tags.

Some upper-scale pet boutiques also offer combinations of tags for both the dog and the owner. You can put one of these luxury dog tag's on your dog's collar, and use the other as a necklace pendant or charm bracelet charm for yourself.

Choosing the right collar for a luxury tag

Have you purchased diamond luxury dog tags for your beloved pooch? These tags deserve the best possible collars or necklaces, otherwise what is the point? Wearing the wrong collar or necklace with a luxury dog tag is like framing a famous piece of art with cardboard or Styrofoam. Most boutiques that offer diamond dog tags or other luxury dog tags also carry a wide selection of luxury collars as well. Make sure to ask them about the selection, so that you can choose the perfect luxury dog collar for your luxury dog tags. Just like you can add diamonds to your luxury dog tags, you can also have diamonds attached to your luxury dog collars as well, in addition to crystals, sapphires, silver, gold, rhinestones or any other precious stone or material. The most perfect touch might even be to add your dog's own birthstone to the collar.

Diamond dog tags - something for your cute dog?

If you do decide to deck your doggie out in diamonds, you should first be aware of the fact that diamonds for dog accessories are just like diamonds for humans, in that they begin at around a few hundred dollars a piece, and can cost as much as thousands of dollars depending on where you get them from and what size and cut they are.