Reckless/when naming I wanted a name that was UNCOMMON/I havent seen it yetexcept for mine

Dog's Name: 

The 1st thing he did was in the doggie play area he fell into the communal water bucket trying. to get out to meet us. I also bought a female ,(no relation) at the same time and named her mischief.they were Cairn Terriers.The best most faithful,lovable and frendly dogs on the planet! Mischief lived 12 yrs & Reckless just passed away June 29ththis year. They were a perfect pair but I couldn't believe what he did when he got sick.He started to have vomiting episodes due to Ca of the stomach He would be laying on my bed & all of asudden would leap up off the out the doggie door , around to the garage back door and hide and vomit .He would then come back in when finished & lay down right next to me.I really believe he didnt want me to see him sick! This article is not much about his name but more about his character Reckless was 14 when he passed away

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