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Unfortunately we don't have any information about the origin of Cali as a dog name. If you know where "Cali" originated as a dog name, please let us know using the comment form:

User submitted stories about dogs named Cali:

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Larry Weiskittel

On April 22nd, 2006 I was looking on the internet at a couple of APL’s (Animal Protective League) to find a ‘’Rescue Dog’’ and I saw a dog that looked nice, she was totally black, that’s what I was looking for, because our last two dogs were pure bred Golden Retrievers. So I took my two boy’s Dan and Tim ages 17 and 15 and we went to the APL. When we got there someone was already looking at the dog I went to see, the Man was playing with the dog and walking the dog on the outside area. So I just started walking around looking at the other dogs and I spotted one that looked me right in the eyes, and she was totally black, so I asked a Lady worker if I can look at that one. I asked her some information about the dog, the lady said she was a “Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a mix of Golden Retriever,” it's a female, her name is ‘’Baby’’, she was 10 months old, she came from a litter of six puppies and she was the only one they didn't keep, she had her shots and was “fixed." I took her on a leash, she was a bit excited and happy, the boys also seemed to take a liking to her. I then proceeded to take her outside and walked her, she seemed to be a bit timid, but still very friendly. I asked her to sit and to my surprise she sat right down, then I asked for her paw and without hesitation she raised her paw into my hand, immediately I turned to the boys and said we found ''OUR DOG!’’ Both boys got excited and started petting her and giving her hugs. We then went and paid the fees and got her papers and left. On the way home we stopped to show my Wife, by the way she only knew we were “looking” at dogs, who was working at a Restaurant we owned at the time. When we got there I called her on my cell to come out for a second meanwhile we had the dog out and ready to be seen. My Wife came out the side door took a look at the dog, turned around and walked right back into the Restaurant, the boy’s and I looked at each other in amazement and speechless. A couple minutes later my Wife reappeared outside and said, “You know I didn’t want a black dog we'll have black hair all over, are you able to take her back?’’ I said not really, just come over and pet her and say hi to her, her name is Baby, not a big fan of the name either. I said she only 10 months old we could probably just change her name. So now to get to the really good part, by the next day this black dog was my Wife’s best friend, yes that quickly they instantly bonded. Over the next couple of days we changed her name to ‘Cali” my 15 year old son came up with the idea to name her after “Cal Ripken” the baseball star. Also Cali’s birthday is June 15th one day after my Wife’s birthday.

Now to get to the last part of the story for now you’re all wondering how I came up with the title of the story. Back in late spring of 2010 I started to go through a bout of depression, which would happen a couple of times throughout the years. In May I went through a series of Electric Shock Treatments which helps stimulate the brain out of the depression. It seemed to work at the time, for the next couple of months I was feeling better. But then started feeling a little depressed again and by October of 2010 I had a severe mental breakdown. I pretty much spent 95% of my time in bed, hardly eating anything and had 7 visits to the mental ward in the hospital from a 3 day stay up to a 10 day stay, this all went on over the next 7 months. they did more shock treatments that didn’t work anymore and changed medications at least 6 to 8 times, every time they changed the medication they had to wait 2 to 6 weeks to see if it was working. Finally in late April of 2011 they found a medication that finally helped me feel well with my mental illness. Sorry for all that information but it was needed to explain the ''HUGE ROLE'’ Cali played in the whole process of being by my side daily in bed and helping me to recover. Also of course along with the ongoing support of my persistent and patient lovely Wife. Cali was truly the one who ‘’Rescued’’ me from the depths of my emotional mental breakdown. I now say this phrase that I saw about 8 months ago on a paw sticker on a car, ‘’WHO RESCUED WHO?’’ In my eyes I rescued Cali so she could TRULY RESCUE ME! I now use the phrase anytime I talk people about my Dog! ♥♥♥ ’’WHO RESCUED WHO?’’ ♥♥♥