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  • For the love of two unforgetable Bichons

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For the love of two unforgetable Bichons
Grace C. Green

We use to have a dog that we loved so much (A Bichon Frise). We lost Benny at a very early age of 9 years old, 3 years this October. We recently went to our Vet for our other dogs pet food and while we were waiting for the food, a girl came to the front door of which I opened it for her because her hands were full. She had an adorable girl (Bichon Frise) that she was going to leave at the doctor's office because she was going to be deployed to Afghanistan and could not keep the dog. I immediately took the dog from her and my husband and I thought this was a sign for us to keep this little 8 month old dog. So we want to name her a girl name such as Beniet because she acts and looks so much like our Benny. We swear this little dog is Benny reincarnated. Also you need to know that Benny was found years ago by an old neighbor of ours and so as you see this story is even more amazing as he was our first dog and a rescue (found) and this little girl was also found (so to speak). It is such a sign. We all started to cry in our Vets office. This vet's office knows all about Benny and how we came about him. They were so touched by this encounter with this girl and the little Bichon that the Tech was even crying with us. This is a very special dog and we love her so much already.