Hollywood dog… if you happen to be the pampered pooch of one of Hollywood’s elite. The stars love their dogs, especially the tote-bag-sized ones. Jessica Simpson carries her dog, Daisy in a Louis Vuitton bag.
These cosseted canines can be seen on the red carpet and in fancy restaurants. While staying in Las Vegas, Britney Spears went out to eat and bought her Chihuahua, Bit Bit, a steak…for $180.
Nicole Richie is the proud owner of Honey Child, a Shih Tzu. Honey Child famously had colored hair extensions to match Nicole’s. They even sleep in identical beds. Honey Child’s is a miniature replica of Nicole’s, right down to the pillows.


Getting ready for the red carpet.

Star Dog PicIn Toronto, they’re used to dealing with celebrities that flock to the International Film Festival - and more especially, their dogs.
Pampered Paws is the place to be seen. The little darlings are shampooed, deep-conditioned, highlighted, lowlighted, French braided, and can even have their toenails painted. If the paparazzi are getting too much, your pet can have the whole first floor of the salon all to themselves, for a mere $1,000.



A night in

Book for dogWhen the celebrities’ dogs are exhausted with the circuit, they give them a well-earned rest with their own slumber party. One of the lovely people from Tire Biters takes them home, tucks them in and reads them a bedtime story. So cute!




Every whim…

A star who once stayed at the Four Seasons hotel in Toronto, wanted a lawn for their dog. The hotel granted the request by having a lawn was built on the guest’s balcony.

Chic and stylish

Stars love to dress their dogs. It’s amazing what you can get nowadays! Tiny t-shirts, coats, cashmere sweaters…even wedding dresses. And no outfit is complete without the shoes. Why not top the look off with a tiara!

Bring the chauffeur round…

Mariah Carey’s adored Jack Russell, called appropriately, Jack, rides around town in a chauffeur driven Mercedes.
Maria was upset when an airline refused to allow Jack to fly in the first class cabin with her. They said he was ‘too big and not famous enough’. Maria’s retort ‘Please! He has three websites dedicated to him!’

The elite

Celeb Paris DogOne of the top five celebrity dogs has to be Tinkerbell, a tiny teacup Chihuahua owned by Paris Hilton. The reason why Tinkerbell got to be so famous, is one of the best celebrity dog stories.
Tinkerbell went missing and Paris offered a huge reward for her return, along with enormous publicity. Not long after this, a hacker found his way into her computer and put all her private phone numbers and addresses (including those of many rich and famous people) onto the web.
As her password reminder question, Paris had chosen ‘What’s my dog’s name?’.



Beyond the glamour

There are some celebrity dogs who stay out of the spotlight and their owners wouldn’t dream of forcing them into Prada.
Alicia Silverstone found one of her dogs, Samson, cut and bleeding in LA when she was filming ‘True Crime’. She also has four other rescue dogs, Lacey, Scottie, Jeffrey and Cale. She has since opened an animal shelter, called StoneHaven on the seaside estate where she lives.

Love me, love my dog

Kylie Minogue had to work hard to win over her partner’s dog. Olivier Martinez owns a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Sheba – who thought that Kylie was one too many in the relationship. He chewed up one of her shoes, but apparently was a great support during the star’s battle with cancer. Kylie says they spent a lot of time cuddling on the sofa.