Beginning to groom your dog

Are you just learning how to groom your dog properly? You will need to keep in mind that every dog has its own preferences when it comes to being groomed. Some dogs may enjoy the grooming experience, and many may loathe the entire process.

There are many people who will groom your dog for you for a fee, but it can be much more beneficial to both you and your dog if you do it yourself.

The best time to begin the grooming process is when your dog is still a puppy, because introducing your puppy to short grooming sessions will help him or her grow comfortable with the experience, making him or her easier to groom over time.

Remember when establishing dog grooming sessions that keeping a regular schedule is the best way to get your dog used to the process. You can begin by giving your dog a brief massage to make him or her more comfortable before beginning the dog grooming process.

Another good practice is for you to give a reward to your dog after every session, so that your dog learns that cooperating means a reward for good behavior after.

Bathing your dog

Some care is required when it comes to bathing a dog, because even after several years of grooming, many dogs remain shy of this part of the dog grooming process. You should make sure that all of your tools and materials are prepared ahead of time, because you will only have one go at it.

The bathtub should match the size of your dog, and you should aim for using mild soap that will not irritate the dog's skin, and water with a mild or lukewarm temperature as well.

Make sure not to get water in the ears or eyes of your pet during the dog grooming process. Your dog's ears and eyes are extremely sensitive, and can be prone to infection if water or shampoo gets into them.

When speaking to your pet, use a firm tone, but try to do more coaxing than forcing when it comes to persuading your pet to cooperate during the dog grooming process.

Part of grooming: keeping your dog´s teeth clean

Another part of the dog grooming process is oral or dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth can require a bit of patience at first, and it is also much better to begin when your dog is still young.

You should begin simply by using your finger and a small bit of cloth, but you can eventually graduate to using a finger-brush or a toothbrush similar to regular human brushes and toothpaste, which is flavored specifically for dogs.

If you have trouble doing the brushing yourself, you can buy chew toys with ridges designed specifically for brushing. To keep your dog's teeth clean in general, nix canned food and opt for kibble, which helps to fight tartar build up. You can also add cooked brown rice to your dog's diet in order to enhance his digestive process.

Any effort you go to for your dog grooming will benefit his or her health, and will greatly enhance the relationship shared between the two of you.